Saturday, June 29, 2013

Advertising Campaign Brand Activition (Research Work)

Wants to express your feelings for someone???

Wants to please your buddies?????

Planning a surprise for your mom???

 Wish to make your wedding day the best day of your life?????

The best expression of every moments and your feelings emorance

Our brand:

Our brand is emorance.
“Emorance is a sweet, touchy, emotional, loveable brand of flowers. As its name indicates Emorance is truly filled with the fragrance of love, care affection and emotions. feeling so proud to be a part of this nation. Cherishing moments for whom you care,/love. celebrating everyday which is meant to be. A true combination of feelings and emotions wrapped with love. Beautiful expressions for every relation which means a lot”.      

Our slogan:

Essence of feelings.

Our mission:

To provide quality products to consumers and explore new markets to promote sales of our business through good governess and foster a sound of dynamic team. We are Trend setter in market. We facilitate people with our brand and a new approach to meet their demands in a manageable way.

  Our vision:

v  Our vision is to inspire the people.
v  Identifying consumer’s need.
v  Strong analysis of consumer needs.
v  We work to create a happiness every day
v  We help people feel good, look happy.

Target audience:

Everyone who used to purchase flowers, weather for greetings or for decoration purpose. We are going to cater upper Middle Class and Elite Class.

Market analysis:

v  There is a huge local market of flower and no flower chain as a brand available in Pakistan. Therefore, there is a big room for flower business as a new branded market. Flower is a necessity of every happening moment. But there is Lack of facilities and services given by the flower stalls to the huge flower customers.


v   We don’t have any brand competitors; because there is no flower brand available in the Lahore Market and this is our plus point .We have our own Orchards, under supervision of best gardener so we don’t need to pick up flower stock from the local nurseries. We are also providing décor services, lighting facilities. We have well trained and disciplined team. Our team does efficient team work. We have Strong management.


There is a lot of risk for us because we introduced flower as a brand for the first time in the market so it is difficult for us to cater the local market consumers. And We are not going to extend our brand to larger scale at beginning.


There are good opportunities for creative labor class; we are going to train them for décor services. We are going to provide lots of décor services for wedding, birthdays, anniversaries and other events.


                      There is no flower chain as a brand available so therefore we have no competitors. Although our indirect competitors are flower dealers, event organizer and decorators. But they are not going to be serve as a brand above all they can’t do a decoration like a creative and educated people. The only threat is that as we are trend setters and we are not going t extend our business rapidly at the beginning its take a time to make our position in the market and to make space in the consumers heart.

Our objectives:

v  To Facilitate people, gaining attention
v  to Introduce new Themes for flower lovers
v  To provide additional services like décor and memberships offers.
v  To Give different packages according to consumer’s need and affordability
v  To Make our brand reliable and satisfying people through trust ability and strong Bonding

Marketing strategy:


v  Different types of Flowers and designing stuff, Décor services, Different wedding services and other special packages for upper A and B class


We are introducing packages in different price range varying from RS. 30,000 to 10, 00,000. It depends on you and your package that what you have selected and what type of flowers are used in it. Flowers make the actual cost of your package.


v  We are going to launch our brand in Lahore therefore we are going to introduced different outlets and franchises just in major areas of Lahore in the beginning like
v  Wapda town
v  Liberty market main boulevard Lhr.
v  Mmalam
v  AIT
v  Defense y Block
v  Garden town
v  Mall road Lahore

Our services:

v  Membership services
v  Gift offers
v  Free Home delivery within 2 kilometers of every outlet.
v  Home delivery with charges (special offer)
v  Special uniformed trained team
v  Mehndi arrangement
v  Wedding arrangement
v  Special event


We are providing a range of flower themes for the decoration purposes which you can choose according to your taste and will.  
v  Lily theme
v  Rose theme (different colors)
v  Orchid theme
v  Glade and gaenda theme
v  Garden geek and Lilly theme
v  Iris and Lavender theme
v  Jasmine and Rose
v  Daffodils and velvet Rose
v  Belaa and tube rose with gaenda touch
v  Blooming happiness Special theme
v  Make to order theme

Our packages for wedding:

v  Decoration of Entrance
v  Decoration of Stage
v  Whole spot
v  Themes according to your choice

Special gifts offer:

 For Bridal: Tray decorated with petal mehndi , 2 gajre or other jewelry set.
For Groom: frame of Wedding couple.


We are going to use different methods for promotion of our product.
v  Online services
v  Our website www.bloominghappiness .com
v  Stalls at different places
v  Our Catalog exhibition
v  Special Fb page by the name blooming happiness
v  Gifts
v  Floral art arrangement
v  Car accessories
v  Stickers
v  Special Uniform
v  Key chains
v  Badges
v  Pads, friendship bands, pencils with our logo rubber at the back
v  Pens
v  Mobile pouches
v  Stuff flowers
v  Banners, flex, stemmers, pamphlets
v  Plasma with our brand information on our each outlet.