Monday, July 1, 2013


CITY 42 channel's Infrastructure and Work Flow


City42 is Pakistan first geographic based satellite city channel serving the greater Lahore region and broadcasts news and information about latest happenings and events in the city of Lahore in Punjab, Pakistan.

City42 is hardcore news & infotainment packed channel with content focused on politics, current affairs, crime, local weather, local updates, events, happenings, sports, culture, music, films, drama etc related to greater Lahore.
City 42 founded in 2008, after launch city42 has consistently achieved top ratings in its category, with the top position in prime time on several occasions. It provides planners with a much needed regionally focused organized medium for spreading their message to a focused audience.
Provide a platform to show regional activities in addition to the regular advertising messages. Its offers the best value for your advertising.

Some other information related to the channel is given in the table below:

Sister channel:
4-A/1 Shadman II, Jail Road
Lahore, Pakistan
(+92-42) 111-CITY42
(+92-42) 757-3421
Satellite Parameters:
Satellite: Paksat 1 at 38 degrees East
Frequency: 3911 MHz
Symbol Rate: 3255
Polarization: Vertical

Infra structure of TV channel:

Chief executive officer and M.D is the same person Mohsin Naqwi he is also chief Operating Officer of the channel. Under him producers and directors works. Senior Director is the wife of CEO which is the director only by formality because she is a Doctor and unable to give time to the channel.
Under the senior director four different directors work and departments are divided among them.
Under director news, chief news editor Mr. Shahid works. Under him news editor works. Under the news editor lots of sub editors works and chief News editor supervise them and check all the work after final editing. Assignment desk also works under him.
Reporting section also works under the director news. Here is news producer and assistant and associate producer and trainee internee respectfully. Monitoring desk also work under him here lots of operators work which play adds during breaks.
2nd director:
Here executive producer, associate and assistant producer working under him. Head of all of them is Hameed Naqibi. Under the assistant producer trainee and internee works respectively.
3rd director:
Under him transmission officers and audio engineers work they transfers the transmission from PCR to MCR, under the audio engineers Chief of camera man, Camera man and then lights men works.
4th director:
4th director of the channel is the head of Marketing and administration SAADAT and he is the cousin of the CEO. Under him admin works. And under him account department is working. In which Manager Chief Accountant and accountant works. Under Director Admin HR department and Marketing department works. In marketing, marketing manager and marketing officers are working. 

Work flow:

The basic product of any news channel is basically news. News channel is very busy place basically the place of great hustle and bustle. News always enter in the channel in form of raw material from different sources assigned by the assignment desk or other sources like news agencies Etc
Beats are assigned to the reporters by the head of the assignment desk Miss Sadia. Under her number of reporters work.   
From here news are transferred to the news room where chief editor along with NLE department work on the material and content of the news and transform the raw material into the actual product going through the process of editing and synchronization  in charge of NLE department is syed DibaJ Haider.
After the formation of rundown production news are transferred to the PCR production control room where news are arranged on the audio/video console panel or play back system and from where it is moved toward the MCR master control room from where the signals are transmitted to the satellite from where with the help of boosters it is transmitted to the cable operator and cable set in our homes  
All these departments are not interlink directly but some of the departments are interlink directly to run channel smoothly like,   News reporting, News production and Editing departments are interlink together while Programming, Creative and Admin are interlink together.


As we enter the channel’s building the infrastructure was not quite good but not too bad. There was hustle and bustle in the building it was Very rushy place. The technology used in the channel was good apple desktops are provided to the reporters and other workers as well as all the departments are also well arranged in the different floors of the building. There management is good as well as the channel workers. Building was not quite good as well as there was lack of different studios too. Teleprompter is also not of good quality which creates trouble for the anchor person. Admin and HR departments are quite good.
Which we feel that they should work on their building’s infra structure and should trained their anchor persons. At least two sets should be made. The infra structure is not ideal and there is not quite good management and bonding among different departments they need to improve their setup and infrastructure.