Sunday, June 30, 2013

Program Perposal Formet

Title: Akhir Q?

Format: Talk show, public affairs

Duration: 50 minutes

Language: Urdu

Frequency: once a week (on Friday)

Target viewers: youth, men, women, older+ elders

One line: to through a light on Pakistan’s natural resources and on the inattention of Pakistani government towards the natural resources

Synopsis: Although Pakistan is blessed by abundant of resources like coal, natural gas, forests, crude oil, Gold etc  but due to inattention and carelessness of Pakistani government Pakistan is failed to utilize these resources properly and now badly trapped in problems.. why Pakistani government is so careless about natural resources and why Pakistani government is not getting any benefit from these resources ?

Scope: Though ALLAH Almighty blessed Pakistan with abundant of natural resources it is need of time that we should produce awareness in people about the fertile land of Pakistan that they rise their voice against this and urge dull and careless government which is not taking good steps for utilizing these resources to take progressive steps for utilizing the rich natural resources which may become the cause for the prosperity and progress of Pakistan.