Thursday, July 4, 2013

Sir Syed Ahmad khan’s journalistic contribution for Indian Muslims.


sir syed ahmad khan was born in 17-oct-1817 in Dehli. he got traditional education. He got job in a company in 1837 after his father’s death. During his job he starts struggling for Muslims propagation and educational status. In 1876 after getting retirement from the govt. job he settled down in Aligarh. In 1888 he got the title of “sir”. He died on 1898.
After the 1857 war of independence, conditions of Muslims were miserable. Their ball was in the court of Hindus and British. Hindus took the complete benefit of the situation and become the blue eyed boy of British’s.
In such a deplorable condition, sir Syed introduce the new way of thinking for the Muslims. After the deep analysis of the matter, that he adopted a compromising policy or attitude towards the British.
He wrote the pamphalet 
“causes for the Indian revolt”
“the loyal muhammadans of india”

Causes for the Indian revolt:

                                             He wrote this pamphlet to bring home to the British that the Muslims took part in this revolt only due to certain misunderstandings created between the ruler and the ruled he blamed the British for this bloodshed as they kept the natives at a distance.

Loyal muhammaden of india:

                                                                                                    In this pamphlet he discussed those muslims who rescued the british families during the mutiny.
After the removal of misunderstandings b/w British and Muslims he launched a full fledged movement by the name of ‘Aligarh movement’ the dominant objectives of this movement were as follows:
ü  The gap b/w the ruler and ruled was engulfed & good relationship were developed.
ü In order to further narrow the breach of both the nations ‘scientific society’ was formed & all well known English books were translated into urdu.
ü In order to bring home to muslims their past glory & new cultural, social customs, & latest social upraisal & education, a newspaper by the name of ‘muhammaden social reformer’ was introduce.
ü M.A.O college was established for the muslims in Aligarh, which later became the first university in sub-continent. The scholars produced by this institution later infused a new spirit into the separatism movement
ü Muslims were kept away from politics so first they should established themselves socially, economically & educationally.
ü The muslims were made to feel that they were not a minority, but majority nation.
ü In order to give rise to muslim identity, separate literature was developed by Hali, Nazir ahmad & shibli. Poetry was written to provoke the muslims.
There were two options for Sir Syed ahmad khan to implement his action plan to achieve his objectives:
1.  To introduce his point of view to the muslims through the already under publication newspapers of the Muslims
2. To introduce & publish newspaper to propagate & convince people in favour of his views.
Sir Syed ahmad khan considered it appropriate to publish his own newspaper. Sir Syed Ahmad khan published two newspaper
1. Muhammaden social reformer.
2. Scientific society magazine.

The scientific society magazine:

                                                This magazine was published in 1866. And was published for 32 years.Maulana Altaf hussain hali has given a detailed account of the merits of this magazine in ‘hayyat-i-javaid’:
Ø This newspaper was published regularly.
Ø The resources of news were very authentic & all the major incident were explained in detail.
Ø Certain policy of the govr. Was criticized but the tone adopted was very neutral.
Ø This paper never adopted hard policy against any person or institution.
Ø This paper had a clear and distinct voice.
Ø At least in the southern india, the drastic change in thinking of the public was brought about by this paper.
Ø Political, social, educational & moral essays were printed regularly written by sir syed.
Ø The govr accepted it as the mouth piece of the educated muslims.

The muhammadan social reformer:

                                                                                                                          This magazine was published in 1870 and was published for 6 years and 7 months. In the 6th publication of this magazine, sir syed pointed out his aim in publishing this magazine. The gist of his essay was that the muslims should quit the path of blind following & adopt their own independent point of view free from evil & hypocrisy’.
So the aim of sir syed ahmad khan was to infuse such a spirit in the Muslims that they feel proud of their past, confident of their present & hopeful of a good future. The influence of this magazine on the people according to Hali was such that they:
Ø  Gathered around the voice raised by ‘muhammaden social reformer’.
Ø Many ulema were against sir syed but they had felt for themselves the importance of achieving modern English education.
Ø The Islamic madaras was establish at each nook and corner of the india.
Ø Muslims who were under the melancholy of inferiority complex were back to normal.
Ø The muslims who held the orthodox views against each other were relaxed & felt confidence upon their own muscles.
Ø It was after a long time that the muslims felt the importance of Islamic unity & Islamic nationhood.
Ø There was a revolutionary change in urdu literature & a new turn in urdu poetry.
Ø The most imp of all that Aligarh college was founded & English language and education was introduced & spread.
Whem sir syed ahmad khan after 6 years & 7 months was to close the publication of the magazine, he gave his survey report about influence of this magazine. He said that we made an attempt to show our nation a proper path & gave them a proper line of thinking.
Impact of sir syed’s journalism: sir syed journalistic approach gave an impectus to the muslim imagination. All the muslims from Lahore to Calcutta started thinking in the style of an independent nation.